Harmful advice: how to not meet a man like!

1. You have no private space. You have a common space.

2. I emphasize - it is "dreams", because,

3. I hope, no self-respecting guy would live to the point number

Every girl at least once found herself in such a situation: in a restaurant / bar / gallery (underline) she notices a man. Their eyes meet, and she feels that she has stopped breathing for a few seconds. He looks at her several times with genuine interest, and she immediately draws a picture of their dating in her head. However, it never happens. Why?

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Emily decided to go from the opposite and made instructions for you on how NOT to meet a man you liked at a holiday party, for example. And may only important acquaintances be in your life from now on.

Friends If you arrived at the party a big noisy company - in any case do not show that you may be interested in someone outside your social circle. Still would! After all, you have gathered (it took many weeks of exhausting correspondence in the general chat) to spend time together - so why look at that spectacular man at the next table, who is having dinner alone? At best, this will be regarded as disrespect for close friends, at worst, it will spoil everyone's mood for a long time.

Sight If suddenly a stranger has discovered that you are looking at him (although this should not be allowed in any case!) - urgently look to the side. Let him think that it seemed to him. A man in no case should guess that you are handsome. Fine, if he gets the feeling that you absolutely equal. Ideally, he should think that you are married - in this case, he, as befits a real man, will "turn on" the hunter's instinct and he will immediately begin to conquer you. For this case, a ring on the ring finger is very useful (buy the one that looks most like a wedding ring).

Acquaintance If he finally came up - do not be afraid to appear desperate in trying to find the same man, frank (complain to him - to his parents, former boss or former boss), sexual (for example, you can seductively lipstick lips, looking at him languidly ). Believe me - he will appreciate that you are not trying to hide negative emotions and at least try to smile sincerely. After all, you are behaving honestly - and this is the most important thing, isn't it?

Smartphone If by this time the man is still not retired on the pretext that he is late for a vital meeting (which he once again confirms: all men are egoists and bastards), get the phone out of the bag. He is an invaluable weapon of seduction when we first met. If your new acquaintance is an adequate man, then he will understand how important it is for your mental balance to check the number of likes on the last selfie or take a photo of paella and latte before starting a meal. In addition, in any case, do not postpone the answer to the messages in the messenger (especially if they are pouring on you in the working chat, and today is Sunday). That same man will always support a woman who wants to make a career.

Simple request Well, in conclusion: ask him about the service as if you are a queen, and he is a person who has dreamed of serving her whole life. Immediately give him a hint (read as “tell me straight”) that you value yourself very much and about your high demands on your chosen one (men adore self-confident women who know what they want). Emphasize that love is the most important thing in life, but without gifts and money, a woman languishes and is unlikely to be happy.

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But only taking pills is not enough to get the maximum result, says Emily.

5 tips from Emily:


Look after this phrase: if his eyes are lit up, and the hand readily reached for a bank card to book you a tour to Bali (do not settle for Egypt in any case, it is simply indecent) - it means that you have a dream man. I emphasize - it is "dreams", because, I hope, no self-respecting guy would live to the point number 5. Love not only yourself, but also your chosen one - after all, we all deserve it!

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Our idea of ideal relationships is shaped by dangerous stereotypes. Usually they offer to abandon their individuality for the sake of a long life together. 💪👍😎


You do not do what you want. You do what we want. 😁


You do not have your own opinion. There is only your opinion.

Juan Montes

You have no private space. You have a common space.


All-consuming intimacy is beautiful only in fairy tales and dreams. In life, it is meaningless, unstable and dangerous.


Everyone needs to spend some time alone with them. We want to occupy free space and not to apologize for this, to sit in solitude so that no one touches us or distracts - it is easier to “digest” the vicissitudes of the day.


We want to feel only the air we breathe and silence.


And it is especially necessary to be alone when we are in a relationship. This does not mean that you do not care about your partner, you do not want to spend your leisure time with him or are ready to be near only a limited time. This means you value your individuality just like a relationship.


Hello, Emily, I ordered these pills for my husband and am waiting for delivery. I’m ready to try it! 😍


I love spending time alone, as well as waking up next to my partner in the morning. If you are like me, I suggest you several ways to be alone if you are in a healthy relationship.


Sometimes you have to put other people's interests above their own, but not always. Do not be afraid to be branded as selfish. You can not help another person if they themselves are not fine.


Tell your partner about what you need, even if he does not quite understand you. You have the right to be in silence and solitude, even if you are in a passionate relationship or just started dating.


Honesty is the most important element in the struggle for personal time. Be honest with yourself and your needs. Try to understand exactly what you need. Do you spend time alone for your own sake or are you running away from a relationship?


In solitude, you are as happy as you are with a partner, or are you trying to spend more time apart, because in solitude you are more comfortable than in a couple?


Do not deny yourself a personal time due to the fact that you are afraid of someone else's reaction. Admit that you need to be alone, not sexy and unromantic


For this reason, many couples forever bind themselves to each other.


Do not fall prey to stereotypes about perfect couples.


Do not do this. Stay yourself - an individual and active participant in a happy relationship.


In the end, everyone needs time alone with themselves.

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